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Single Mouse Personalized Snap Clip

Single Mouse Personalized Snap Clip

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This listing includes one snap clip with one name. Contains small parts. Please do not leave unattended with a baby, toddler or small child.

The mouse personalized name snap clip barrettes are adorable and customizable accessories designed for young ones to add a personal touch to their hairstyles. Each barrette features a charming mouse-shaped design customized to their first name.

What makes these barrettes extra special is the option to personalize them with the wearer's name. We used white vinyl, the addition of a name adds a unique and sentimental touch to the accessory.

These snap clip barrettes are not only stylish but also practical, offering a secure hold to keep hair in place throughout the day. Their compact size makes them perfect for clipping back bangs, securing small sections of hair, or adding a playful accent to ponytails or braids.

Whether gifted for birthdays, holidays, or Disney Parks, the mouse personalized name snap clip barrettes are sure to bring joy and excitement to any little one's day. They're a fun and thoughtful accessory that allows kids to showcase their individuality and express their style with a touch of personalization.


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