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  • Small Shop Valentines Inspo!

    Jan 13 2022

    Valentines Day is one of our fave holidays, and we love pairing our bows and clips (and other accessories) with our fave small shop frien...

  • Small Shop Holiday Guide!

    Nov 21 2021

    It's no secret my love for small shops runs DEEP, but this time of year it's especially important to shop small! I put together some swee...

  • Whimsical Holiday Hair!

    Nov 15 2021

    The holidays are my favorite time of year and I always love to see what my creative friends do with my bows and clips! I hope you find a ...

  • Small Shop Holiday!

    Nov 08 2021

    The holiday season is the best time of the year for small shops, and we've rounded up some of our fave items to pair with our holiday b...

  • Spooky Cute Hairstyles 2021!

    Oct 13 2021

      By now you all KNOW how much I love a holiday hairstyle, so whenever I get the chance to link up with any of my friends to do a loop an...