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  • Gluten Free Sheet Pan Dinner

    Mar 28 2024

    If you are a busy mom like me you are going to love this recipe. It seems like once school pickup happens we are going a million differe...

  • Evie's Faves!

    Dec 05 2023

    We went straight to the experts for this one and asked Miss EVIE PEARL herself to choose her favorites from the website! We love the ite...

  • Jenni's Local Faves Gift Guide!

    Nov 30 2023

    Hi friends! If you've been around for more than 5 minutes, you know Jenni adores shopping local. I had her go through and highlight s...

  • Whimsical Christmas HairStyles for Girls

    Dec 06 2022

        It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Holidays are pure magic. I used to think being a child at Christmas was the most wonderful ...

  • Spooky Cute Hairstyles

    Oct 17 2022

    Looking for spooky cute halloween hairstyles? EPH teamed up with some of our fave content creators to bring you some spooky cute styles f...