Best Dutch Apple Pie

Best Dutch Apple Pie

I don’t know about you but our family loves apple pie! Every year it is on our bucketlist to make apple pie. This year we hit up the apple orchard and stocked up on apples!!! We knew we had to pick the very best apples for our homemade apple pie! 


My sister in law shared this family recipe with us over 15 years ago and it has been a recipe we use year after year! 

Dutch Apple Pie

-2 unbaked pie shells

2/3 cup Sugar

1 tsp. Cinnamon

1 tsp. Nutmeg

2 tbl. Of Flour

4 Granny Smith apples peeled and sliced up in small pieces

4 honey crisp apples peeled and sliced up in small pieces


6 tbl. Butter

1/2 cup of Brown Sugar

1 cup of flour 

pinch of salt



Line the pie dish with one pie shell. Shake Apples, spices, sugar and flour into a large ziplock. Make sure they are evenly covered. Dump into the pie shell. Mix the brown butter, sugar, flour and salt in a bowl with a fork. Once all of the clumps are removed sprinkle over the apples. Take your second pie crust and cut into 1 inch strips. Place strips alternating ways over the topping. Place in the middle of the rack at 350* for 1 hour and 10minutes. Once pie is cooled serve with vanilla ice cream! 




Jenni S. 


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