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Small Shop Holiday Guide!

Posted on November 21 2021

Small Shop Holiday Guide!
It's no secret my love for small shops runs DEEP, but this time of year it's especially important to shop small! I put together some sweet little guides of my personal favorites. I have either bought from these shops and loved my items, am friends with some of the owners personally, or I have admired their work from afar. I hope you find some gift ideas or new shops to love here!


I want to especially highlight the shops below, since they're brand new! I know when I was starting out, I relied so heavily on word of mouth so please... If you see something you like, pass it on!

New Shops:
@inspiredchicdesigns Inspired Chic Designs LLC
I hope you find something you love here for Christmas, or for a future gift idea! And please share this post with your friends... Small shops need you!