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Yummy Peep Dessert Gift Idea For Easter

Posted on April 14 2022

Yummy Peep Dessert Gift Idea For Easter
Need an easy gift idea for Easter weekend? I got you! The best part is all of the items you need are easily found at Target and I did Target pickup for the win! This gift idea is simple, cheap and yummy! 
Every year my kids and I make this yummy peep dessert the week of Easter. This year we celebrated Easter a week early with our cousins and I needed a fun gift idea for them. I thought “why don’t we give them all of the ingredients to make Peep S’mores themselves.” I created a cute tag and on the backside I included the directions on how to make the dessert. Click here to get the printable for free. You can print this tag at home on card stock using colored ink. 
Here is all of the items you will need:
Peeps - I did two different colors of packages
Graham Crackers
Chocolate Chips









We loved how this turned out and our cousins LOVED getting this gift. They are excited to make our yummy peep dessert this week. Follow our instagram account for more Easter Inspo: @eviepearlhandmade
Have a Happy Easter!
Jenni Shields