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Mouse Head & Mouse Head with Bow Clip Set

Mouse Head & Mouse Head with Bow Clip Set

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This set includes two clips on medium rose gold alligator clips. You will get one right clip and one left clip. 

The magical whimsical Mickey & Minnie Mouse hair clip set for girls is an enchanting and delightful accessory that captures the charm of a beloved cartoon character. Crafted with attention to detail, this set features two hair clips: one in the shape of a Mickey mouse head and the other as Minnie Mouse.

This mouse clip set is adorned with sparkling glitter, adding a touch of magic and whimsy to any hairstyle. The accompanying bow clip complements the design with its vibrant colors and playful style, creating a harmonious and charming look when worn together.

Both clips are securely attached to sturdy alligator clips, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold throughout the day. Whether worn individually to add a subtle touch of whimsy or together for a more playful statement, this magical hair clip set is perfect for everyday wear, special occasions, or Disney Parks. 

Sure to delight girls of all ages, the magical whimsical mouse head and bow hair clip set is a fun and versatile accessory that adds a dash of charm and personality to any outfit.

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